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Lancaster Village II

Lancaster Village II is located at the NWC of Avenue I and 10th Street, in Lancaster, California. State Route 14 is located approximately one (1) mile to the west. This site offers excellent traffic counts, unobstructed street visibility and a strong customer population base.

Originally built and operated as a single tenant supermarket location, this 44,000 SF project is in the midst of a remodel and transformation into a new multi-tenant building. Over the past two years Dollar Tree and Citi Trends Clothing have opened successful stores. The remaining 20,000 SF of space is being designed and will be built for prospective tenant's that occupy 10,000 - 20,000 SF. Overall, the building can be expanded to as large as 35,000 SF. Lancaster Village II is surrounded by adjacent shop space owned by others.


1001 West Avenue I
Lancaster, CA 92411

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